Updated January 23, 2001
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Wish List

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These are some things I wish there were programs for. Hopefully some programmers will step in and fill the void !
Please tell me your wishes for the Pilot and I will post them...

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Application Wishes:
Listed newest first

Birder's LifeList:
"I would like a program that would allow me to quickly make a memo list of birds spotted on a particular day. The program could simply be called something like "Birding" and the created memo list called "Birds as of "that day". This program would use a database of bird names from "Birds of North America" . A graffiti letter could be scribbled corresponding to the name of the bird spotted and a list of possibilites would appear - the proper name would than be highlighted and an ok box clicked. If this is a first entry than a new memolist is started (as of that day). Any other listings on that day would merely be added to this list. A new day - a new list."
Submitted by
Wayne Bagley @ May 25, 1999

"I wish there was a genealogy program for the Palm. Something that would be a good reference and information gathering tool for research on location at librarys, cemetarys and interviews. I would like to be able to import a GEDCOM file (Standardized genealogy import export file type) of my family tree files, be able to search and display the info in my palm while on location. I would like to be able to take notes and create new genealogy files (Gedcom) and be able to export them back to my main genealogy program. Also, the ablity to create keep and update "to do" research lists, and keep a running log of things found in my research.
Having all these features in a single palm application would be nice so that I can keep my genealogy reserach and to do lists separate from my other to do lists."
Submitted by
Glenn Frank @ May 17, 1999

Runners Log:
"As a runner I would very much like a log app to help me record time, distance, weather, effort, notes about the run and so on. I have been searching all over the web for such a product and can not locate one. You would have thought some app builder would have come up with something by now."
Submitted by
Walter Smith @ April 15, 1999

Miles calculator:
"I wish there was a miles calculator from one city to another."
Submitted by
Gina Robinson @ April 11, 1999

Yahoo Mail:
"I want to get my Yahoo! mail on my palm III !"
Submitted by
Meredith Stanec @ April 9, 1999

Handi Maps of Canada:
"I would like to have something like handimap with maps of canada, and in particular Quebec, Montreal. Has anyone made maps for Canada or will I have to move down south."
Submitted by
astelz @ March 30, 1999

CPR Prompter:
"If I ever need to perform CPR, I'd like to have an application on my Pilot which would visibly/audibly prompt me at each of the necessary steps. The application may also be useful as a periodic refresher course."
Submitted by
MAG16 @ March 29, 1999

Menstruation Calendar:
"The one thing that's missing for my pilot to fully replace my old paper calendar is a menstruation calendar that keeps track of the last twelve or so periods. Currently, I am just using a memopad note, but that's quite inconvenient."
Submitted by
Ulrike Grömping @ March 27, 1999

Timesheet / Workorder program for consultants:
"It would allow a receptionist to input a work order at her desktop that would be retrieved when the user synced. The completed work order could than be ported over to an app like Peach Tree for account management and billing."
Submitted by
Jason Warm @ March 22, 1999

Sync PointCast data:
"I have an IBM Workpad 20X (oem Palm III) and I love it. The one thing I haven't been able to do with it that I'd really like is to have my PointCast data get synched when I synch it. (I'd really love an optional ticker if possible)."
Submitted by
Brent Miller @ March 1, 1999

Proxi Web with MSN account:
"I wish there was a way to browse the web with an MSN account using proxi web."
Submitted by
Larry Brown @ February 26, 1999

Calculate Inches and Feet:
"I wish that there was a calculator for carpenters and architects that adds Feet and Inches..."
Submitted by
Larry Brown @ February 26, 1999

IrDA Modem Link:
"I would love to be able to use my Nokia 6110 as a modem, connected to the PalmIII via IrDA."
Submitted by
Anthony Lomas @ January 11, 1999

HotSync Backup, regardless of sync'd PIM:
"I would like Hot Sync to automatically (or alternatively through an option to be selected manually) take a completely independent backup of all data on the Palm III regardless of where else the data is stored through synchronisation.
I am using the Pylon conduit for synchronisation with Lotus Notes and I currently have alot of private entries which I do not want to include in my Lotus Notes work space.
If I do not synchronise the private entries then they are not kept any where else. If I loose my Palm III I will have lost all this info for ever (this makes me very nervous)."
Submitted by
Lesley George @ January 8, 1999

AOL Instant messenger client:
"I would like to see an AOL Instant Messenger Client for the Palm OS. AOL has just released information about their TOC protocol on their web site ( <>). All we need is someone to code it for the pilot. It would be great to be able to have it connected to AIM all the time via the wireless minstral system so that it could be used like a pager."
Submitted by
Ken Wiesner @ December 24, 1998

Basketball scoring application:
"I am looking for a basketball scoring application. Nothing fancy (although it certainly could be). The front page would have four columns of editable numbers (15 per team), and a place to track quarters. The team rosters would be entered here. Tap the player's number, and the next page would come up with a list of statistics: 2pt. field goal, 3pt field goal, free throw, offensive rebound, defensive rebound, assist, shot block, turnover, personal foul, etc. Tap the number, tap the stat. View the results on a score box page, by team or individual. Simple, easy, useful."
Submitted by
George Murphy @ December 17, 1998

Address Book Enhancement:
"Looking for a way to upgrade/customize how address book handles how records are displayed/categorized. For example, only two choices, "last name, first name" or "company name, last name". And it is a global selection. Meaning this determines how all categories are displayed instead of being able to individually display categories like "friends" differently from "business". It would be helpful if there were more choices to display, like "company" only. And if you could assign more than one category to a record."
Submitted by
David Rubenstein @ November 6, 1998

Checkers - Pilot vs. Human:
"I would like a Checkers game Pilot vs. Human."
Submitted by
Pablo Tisker @ November 2, 1998

HotSync to Quicken, etc.:
"I want a program like Pilot Money or something similar that I can enter financial transactions into & then have it 'Hot-sync' into Quicken or MS Money. Currently all the app's that I can find, you have to manually import/export the file? I would gladly switch to another desktop finance application if it would just Hot-synch!"
Submitted by
Justin Lee @ October 21, 1998

One-Hand note taker:
"I wish I could take short notes (like a name and phone number) with just one hand. This would be handy in a hurry, or when one hand is carrying something. A layout like a telephone keypad, an alpha/number toggle, forward/backward cursor, delete, and enter keys. My cell phone has this capability, why can't my PalmPilot?
T9 takes up more RAM than I'd like to allot. I don't really need the keyboard to guess what I want to type, primarily because I'll be "thumbing" proper names and phone numbers most times, plus an occasional note or two. A cell phone keypad layout would be the best thing, I think."
Submitted by
Andrew Ang @ October 4, 1998

Skat (german card game):
"I wish someone would write Skat (german card game) for the Palm Pilot."
Submitted by
Justin Rock @ on September 13, 1998

Remote proxy connection:
"I would like a remote proxy that allowed the palm pilot through it's serial port to to share the the desktop's internet connection."
Submitted by
DrClue @ on September 9, 1998

Customizable Address View:
"I would like be able to customize the address view display and eliminate the phone number column."
Submitted by
DwGrenda @ on June 8, 1998

Canasta game for the Pilot!:
"I'd love to see a Canasta game available for the PP..."
Submitted by
Alex Tutusaus @ on May 25, 1998

Rummy Game:
I wish there was the game Rummy for the Pilot. I need it compatible with the 1.xOS!"
Submitted by
Hal Adler @ on April 8, 1998

Gin Rummy Game:
"I have not yet found a Gin Rummy game for the palm pilot. OK Developers... step and and tackle this."
Submitted by
Mike Perski @ on March 31, 1998

Hot Sync Separate Business & Personal Address Books:
"It would be great to hot sync separate Business & Personal address books to two different PIMS. I know I can categorize individual entries, but I hot sync to Lotus Notes NAB for business addresses, but would like to maintain my Personal address book in Organizer, the PalmPilot Desktop or some other PIM."
Submitted by
Mike Perski @ on March 31, 1998

Stratego game:
"One thing that I'd really love to see is a copy of the board game Stratego for the Pilot. That game has always been a favorite of mine..."
Submitted by
Jonathan Valentine-Cooper @ on February 17, 1998

Enhanced Expense App:
"I wish for the ability to customize the expense type list in the bundled EXPENSE app and allow more than 4 alternative currencies. I work in Asia and many of the smaller developing economies in the region are not represented."
Submitted by
Roger Kao @ on February 1, 1998

CAD-like Sketch app for Pilot:
"I would like to see a palm pilot sketch application that uses some CAD-like functions. Some functions that would greatly enhance the utility of a sketcher would be: Snap to endpoint of line, Snap to center of circle, Trim, Delete entity, Simple linear dimensioning... A decent sketch application would allow me to make simple sketches away from my desk, hot sync them to my desktop and convert them to CAD drawings. Another useful application would allow small portions of CAD drawings (.DXF,.DWG etc) to be loaded and viewed on the pilot."
Submitted by
James Ladtkow @ on December 30, 1997

Student Attendance Manager:
"I would love to get an application to use to take attendance in my classes. I thought that it would list everyone in a particular section and one would choose the date. For that date there should be a check box next to each student's name where one checks off: present, absent, or tardy. One should also be able to at a later date change absent to excused absence. The Application would then allow you to see on your PC/MAC a list of who was absent or tardy for the whole semester."
Submitted by
Stephen M. Perle, DC @ on December 17, 1997

Mail HotSync: Retrieve Messages Since [date]:
"I have an Outlook *.pst file, very big (more than 125Mb), plenty of folders and subfolders and it makes no sense to try to HotSync using the short falling options of the product. Using 'All' option makes no sense. 'Send only' is what I am using now... Filter, doesn't let me restrict using a date. I need an option like "Retrieve only messages since..." added to the options we already have. "
Submitted by
Carlos Del Collado @ on November 30, 1997

Categories for DateBook, Link Between DateBook and ToDo:
"Categories for datebook entires (just like ToDo). That way, you could display and/or print selected categories. Cross-referencing of ToDo entries with Datebook entries (e.g. assign a ToDo entry a date and it shows up in the datebook for that date."
Submitted by
D Bozorgi @ on November 13, 1997

View Full Years Entries by Month:
"I wish for a program that will view a full years entries by month."
Submitted by
Robert Alan Kennedy @ on November 5, 1997

MS Word & MS Excel support for Doc, On-Tap & MemoPad:
"I wish Doc, On-Tap, MemoPad or any other document viewer software would easily import MS Word and MS Excel documents, preserving some basic formatting. This would facilitate having work phone lists and important work documents always handy."
Submitted by
Albert Rowuin @ on October 27, 1997

Silent Alarms:
"I would like for most alarms to ring audibly, but I would like the choice for certain items (e.g. birthday reminders) to be silent (just displaying an alarm screen the next time I turn on the Pilot, like are displayed for alarms that are not responded to)."
Submitted by
Albert Rowuin @ on October 27, 1997

Long E-Mail Support:
"I hate the limitation of the build-in eMail in the PPP. There's this 8k cut-off of e-mails. I really need to read more than the first 8k's of my mail."
Submitted by
Alex @ on October 27, 1997

Automatic Paste of E-mail to other Apps:
"You should be able to automatically convert an Email message into a ToDo item or DateBook item from the mail interface. The text of the email should become an attached note."
Submitted by
Ronald Lee @ on October 27, 1997

Equal support for the Macintosh:
"I wish the PalmPilot would equally support (have equal features/capabilities for) the Mac as well as it does the Windows platform!"
Submitted by
Joji Mailsi @ on October 24, 1997

Sorry! I am no longer accepting additional wish submissions. I cannot keep up with all the e-mails and site maintenance. Thank you all for your contributions in the past. -Rob

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