Updated November 16, 2000
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I have created some Pilot applications of my own using GCC. I had no previous knowledge of C language & have to teach myself. Much of the best Pilot software is free! So in return, most of my applications are free also...

Ver: 2.3
Size: 4k
AppList will create a Memo Pad entry listing all the applications you have installed on your Pilot!
If you ever have to re-load your Pilot, you must manually select which applications to install. You can refer to the list of applications created by AppList in your Desktop software. Run it as often as you wish. AppList can be deleted after your memo is created...
Rated '3-1/2 Planes' at TuCow's PilotZone !
Rated '4 Stars' at ZDNet's !

Ver: 2.2
Size: 7k
DateList will display all the entries in your Datebook in a list. Repeating entries appear first in the list, Non-repeating entries appear second in the list.
Scroll through the list by tapping the Arrows or using the Up/Down hardware buttons. Tap an entry to Delete it. A confirmation window allows you to Cancel, Delete, or delete & Archive the entry. Deleted entries move to the end of the list until a HotSync is performed.
DateList is useful for 'cleaning-out' your Datebook. Neither the Pilot or the Desktop software let you view the entries in your Datebook in a list format. One has to 'step' through day-by-day to find old, forgotten entries.
Rated '4 Planes' at TuCow's PilotZone !
Rated '4 Stars' at ZDNet's !

Ver: 2.1
Size: 12k
RamHog Screenshot "What is taking up so much memory ???"
Ram Hog displays all the databases installed on your Pilot in Size order! Each line shows the Database name, number of bytes in use, & the percentage of Used Ram it occupies. Now you can see what is hogging up all your Ram!

Displayed at the bottom of the screen is the Total Ram in bytes, the Free Ram in bytes and what percentage of memory is Free. The Free Ram percent gets smaller as the Pilot gets full.
Rated '4 Planes' at TuCow's PilotZone !

Ver: 1.0
Size: 10k
OS: 1.x-3.x
rPremium Screenshot rPremium calculates the unused portion of a 1-year insurance policy premium & can replace those 'wheel' charts that just tell you the number of days & a factor which you must use in your own calculation.

rPremium can also be used as a date calculator.
Rated '3 Planes' at TuCow's PilotZone !

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