Updated March 09, 2001
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Main Page
AppList will create a Memo Pad entry listing all the
applications you have installed on your Pilot!
If you ever have to re-load your Pilot, you must
manually select which applications to install.
You can refer to the list of applications created by
AppList in your Desktop software.
Run it as often as you wish. AppList can be
deleted after your memo is created...
ZDNet Editor's Pick 4 Planes
'3-1/2 Planes' at TuCow's PilotZone !
AppList Screen Shot

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AppList Details:

How it works. - Tap the 'Create List' button and AppList will create a memo entry in the UnFiled category with the name ' *Applist: date - time'. AppList steps through every application (up to 200) and record the name in a Memo Pad entry in the UnFiled category. New: AppList will now include DOC files, Hackmaster Hacks, and J-File databases.

Requirements. - Works on Works on OS v.1 - OS v.3.0
4K of free memory on the Pilot is required to install AppList.
Warning: AppList has not been tested on OS versions higher than 3.0 !
- Please do not send e-mail telling me it does not work on your Palm V, Palm VII, etc.
- There are newer programs available that may obsolete AppList.

Notes on AppList:
AppList does not sort the applications listed. The order of the applications in the Memo Pad entry reflects the physical order that they were installed on the Pilot. This serves as a chronological record of what applications were installed.

The Memo Pad entry created by AppList appears at the top of the list in the Unfiled category. You are free to move it or edit the entry as desired.

Version History:

2.3 - 12/30/98 Eliminated the time stamp on Palm OS 3.x
2.2 - 11/25/98 Reprogrammed date & time routines to acheive Palm OS 3.x compatibility.
2.1 - 07/30/98 Create List button disappears after the memo is created.
Minor cosmetic changes.
2.0 - 05/11/98 In Response to user suggestions:
DOC files, Hackmaster Hacks and J-File databases now included.
Jazzed up the screen appearance and noted that the Memo lands in the UnFiled category.
1.0 - 04/06/98 Initial Freeware release.
1.0b - 03/27/98 Beta release.

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