Updated March 09, 2001
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"What is taking up so much memory ???"
RamHog displays all the databases installed on your
Pilot in Size order! Each line shows the Database name,
number of bytes in use, & the percentage of Used Ram
it occupies. Scroll through the list with the hardware
Now you can see what is hogging up all your Ram!
Displayed at the bottom of the screen is the Total Ram in
bytes, the Free Ram in bytes and what percentage of
memory is Free. The Free Ram percent gets smaller as
the Pilot gets full.
The Statistics screen displays what type of databases
are taking up the most memory. Apps, DOC files,
Hacks, & J-File databases are summarized.
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RamHog Screen Shot
RamHog Screen Shot

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RamHog 2.1 Details:

Requires OS v.2 or OS v.3.0 - will not work on OS v.1, sorry. -In other words, you must have a PalmPilot Personal, Professional, or Palm III to use Ram Hog. The older Pilot 1000 or Pilot 5000 cannot run RamHog unless you have upgraded the memory board and are running OS v.2 or v.3.
12K of free memory on the Pilot is required to install Ram Hog 2.0.
Warning: RamHog has not been tested on OS versions higher than 3.0 ! or with memory capacities larger than 4MB.
- Please do not send e-mail telling me it does not work on your Palm Vx, Palm VII, etc.
- There are newer programs available that may obsolete RamHog.

Notes on RamHog:
Tested on Pilots with 512k, 1 Mb, and the 3Mb Super Pilot memory board. - RamHog will work with different memory card sizes & analyzes up to 200 applications & databases installed on the Pilot. That should be enough, even for those 3Mb Super Pilot people!

Percentage column does not add up to 100%. - This is because only the 10 largest databases are displayed and not every database on the Pilot. Also, some other 'System' type data takes away from the total usable memory and I have no info on how that works so cannot account for it in the program. However, the numbers displayed are accurate in that: The Size column shows the number of bytes used by each database & the % column shows what percentage of used Ram used by each database. Ram Hog analyzes all databases that the user has control over & can delete if desired.

Numbers vary slightly from the Memory application. - This is mostly because RamHog is showing numbers in bytes, and the Memory app shows them in K. One K is not 1,000 bytes, it is 1,024 bytes...

Version History:

2.1 - 07/30/98 Closing Statistics window would send user back 10 databases in the list - Fixed.
Increased maximum number of databases supported from 200 to 400.
Minor cosmetic changes.
2.0 - 06/06/98 In Response to user suggestions:
You can now scroll through all the applications instead of displaying just the top 10 largest.

Added the Statistics screen which displays which type of applications are taking up the most memory. Apps, DOC files Hacks, & J-File databases are summarized.
Jazzed up the screen appearance.
1.0 - 03/10/98 Initial Freeware release.
1.0b2- 02/28/98 Beta 2 release. Fixed a problem that crashed some Pilots.
1.0b - 02/20/98 Beta release.

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