Updated January 23, 2001
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Paper-like feel for Grafitti area:

"I peeled a piece of 3/4" scotch tape across the graffiti/numeral area. It is a perfect fit. The stylus has a better feel over the tape than the slick surface of the screen."
Submitted by
Art Graham @ on June 11, 1999

Keeping the screen like new:

"I use a small amount of car wax on my Palm screen every few weeks and it does a great job at keeping the screen clean, scratch free, and feeling like new. When the pen seems to start to drag, I just wax the Palm and it is as good as new."
Submitted by
Art Graham @ on March 5, 1998

Dropped Pilot:

"Imagine the horror. The one night I'm not wearing a belt, and have the case my treasured Palm III lives in clipped to the top of my pants, it falls off and lands with a sickening thud on the parking lot tarmac. After that, all it does is light up a blank display and make unpleasant whining noises. In the pit of despair, unable to find the receipt, I carefully remove the back screws with a jeweler's screwdriver and gently pry the case apart, to discover that the tiny SIMM module in the middle of the motherboard has been knocked slightly loose in the fall. Squeeze it back together, and all seems to be well again, and I have my life back.
You might not want to try this yourself... but perhaps the symptoms will be familiar now. This wee beastie is a little less fragile than it first appears. :-) "
Submitted by
Fraser McCrossan @ on October 8, 1998

Find 'Private' records easily:

"If you're like most of us, private items show up in the category in which they were created. If you've just made your private items visible, trying to scan through a list of them is virtually impossible. But you can make it easy to organize and review your private items. In each application, create a category called "Private". Now, whenever you're in the Details dialog and you check the Private button, also assign the item to the "Private" category. Later, when you show private items, all the newly-visible private items will be in the Private category of each application."
Submitted by
Tom Diola @ on October 7, 1998

Inexpensive Screen Protectors:

"Take a transparency sheet meant for overhead viewers and cut it into pieces a little bit larger than the Palm-Pilot's screen on all 4 sides. Slide these small sheets on the screen, under the plastic (this is usually tricky, and WILL require patience) and there you go! *(Approximately 9 screen protectors per transparency sheet)."
Submitted by
Hal Adler @ on April 8, 1998

Grocery Lists with the ToDo Application:

"Put all the groceries you buy in a master list in the ToDo application. The 'Show Completed Items' option at the bottom of the screen needs to have a check at this point. Put a check by each item (as if it has been completed). As you run out of items, uncheck them. When it is time to shop, switch 'Show Completed Items' to unchecked and you will have the list you need. As you go through the store, check items off the list and they will disappear."
Submitted by
Liz Swenson @ on January 6, 1998

Install Pilot programs easier:

Send To Tip: "Find the Win95 folder c:\windows\SendTo and add a new item called Pilot Install or Instapp or something like that. For the target, specify c:\pilot\instapp.exe. Then, anytime you want to install a .prc file, right-click on it, choose Send To, then choose Pilot Install (or whatever you called it). The .prc gets dumped to Instapp.exe and the dialog box comes up for you to confirm the install."
Submitted by
Telyx @ on April 20, 1998

Drag & Drop Tip: "I put a shortcut on my desktop to INSTAPP.EXE, then all I do to install a new .PRC is drag and drop it onto the shortcut."
Submitted by Clive McAdam @ on October 25, 1997

"The Palm Pilot Install Tool software that comes with the Pilot becomes awkward when installing many applications at once... Tip: Create an association to the INSTAPP.EXE program in your C\PILOT directory for .PRC files. Then you can install applications by double-clicking the .PRC files directly!"
Submitted by Rob @ on September 27, 1997

Access frequently used application quicker:

"The four push buttons on the Pilot can be reprogrammed to any application that you choose, not just the stock applications. This also applies to the button on the modem and the cradle. Tip: Run the Prefs application choose Buttons from the pull down menu. Next to the button you want to reprogram, choose the application on the pull down menu. I do not use the ToDo list very often, so I changed the button to run the Weekly View app. I don't use the modem for HotSync so I changed the button to bring up the Prefs app (Network) to dial my ISP."
Submitted by Rob @ on September 27, 1997

Clean the screen without a scratch:

"The screen on the Pilot can be much crisper if kept nice and clean. But don't use any harsh chemicals to clean it. Tip: For dust & fingerprints, just use some lens cleaning paper for cameras. You don't even need to use any liquids, just wiping the screen with dry cleaning paper will give great results! The Pilot screen will not be scratched, and come out perfectly clear!"
Submitted by Rob @ on September 27, 1997

Resetting the PalmPilot:

"I've read about the suggestions for using paper clips, earrings and toothpicks to reset the pilot. With the new Palm III, the stylus included with the unit has a secret screw off cap. Under the cap is a small point that's perfect for performing the reset. Even the Palm III Basic Handbook instructs the user to use a paperclip and doesn't give away this secret."
Submitted by
Michael G. Valentin @ on April 28, 1998

"Don't worry about carrying a paper clip or toothpick with you to reset your PalmPilot - the post of an earring (obviously for this tip's for those who wear them or have friends that do!) works great and I always have one with me!"
Submitted by
Beth Wingate @ on February 17, 1998

Even better Tip: "A toothpick does the job just as well and doesn't need to be insulated! Just break a wooden toothpick in half and put in battery compartment."
Submitted by Ronan Cremin @ on October 24, 1997

You never know where you might be and have to Reset the Pilot because of a mis-behaved application... Tip: "Break off the straight part of a paper clip and wrap some tape around one end to make it thicker. Then you can place the paper clip between the batteries in the Pilot and always have it on hand! It won't slide around and rattle, or touch the metal contacts in the battery compartment if you tape it up well."
Submitted by Rob @ on September 27, 1997

Sorry! I am no longer accepting additional tips. I cannot keep up with all the e-mails and site maintenance. I'm sure there are other, more complete tip archives available on the internet. Thank you all for your contributions in the past. -Rob

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