Updated January 23, 2001
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Wish List

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These are some things I wish there were programs for. Hopefully some programmers will step in and fill the void !
Please tell me your wishes for the Pilot and I will post them...

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Hack Wishes:
Listed newest first

32 Digit Phone Number Limitation Work-around:
"I would like to see a work around for the 32 digit phone number limitation inherent in Palmpilot Professional modems. The 32 digit limit prohibits a person from using an AT&T style calling card."
Submitted by
Robert Leopold @ August 26, 1999

Graffiti Checkmark symbol / Graffiti Editor:
"I wish there were a checkmark symbol.
Even better would be a way to add new symbols to Graffiti, or change the symbol displayed for certain strokes (like an icon editor for graffiti)"
Submitted by
Alice Maddox @ May 16, 1999

GoType! keyboard while being online:
"I would love to use my GoType! keyboard while being online. Since on a Palm III I have heard you can only use the serial port or IR but not both at the same time. I am guessing this would have to be a hardware hack to the keyboard."
Submitted by
David Baisley @ on March 16, 1999

Automatic phone dialing hack:
"I wish there were an automatic phone dialing hack that would allow my palm pilot to produce the dial tones directly from Address Book."
Submitted by
Garret Smith @ on March 12, 1999

Graffiti and Keyboard at the same time:
"For the ability to use the keypad and Graffiti at the same time."
Submitted by
Tyran Ormond @ on January 14, 1999

Enter button for built-in apps:
"After opening the address list, it would be great to scroll down the list, name by name, and then hit a "enter button" to open a person's file to go into Address View, to view all information such as all phone numbers, address, notes, etc."
Submitted by
Mark Cordone @ on December 20, 1998

Expense Items Edit:
"It will indeed be very useful if we had ability to add new items in the Expense-- Currently you can add categories but one cannot change the 'items' which are pre-defined."
Submitted by
Manoj Misra @ on October 25, 1998

ToDo list log in DateBook:
"I would like to have a hack that writes the dates and changes of my todo lists in the date book."
Submitted by
Enno Messerschmitt @ on October 12, 1998

Macro Recorder:
"I would like to have macro recorder."
Submitted by
Enno Messerschmitt @ on October 12, 1998

Larger Font in All Applications:
"I would like to be able to increase the font size in all applications for easier reading. I have a Palm III and I would like to have an even larger font. Let's hear it for the "boomers" who don't always have their glasses, or who have forgotten where they left them"
Submitted by
kslader @ on May 8, 1998

State Hack:
"I use the Telephone listing function a lot, a contact manager and such. I'm always inputting someone's address. I want something called StateHack. It would do nothing more than permanently alter the "State" field of the Address Book into an "all caps" mode. Everybody I know uses the two-letter postal abbreviations for the state name... no one enters the entire word. StateHack would make everything entered into this field Caps, and then return to normal operation when you leave that field."
Submitted by
Jim Furrer @ on March 7, 1998

Index tabs for Phonebook Categories:
Rather than open a window and slide down a list of categories in my phonebook, I'd like to be able to select, say, five or six categories and have them appear as index tabs, like those used in other apps.."
Submitted by
Michael Penn Moore @ on January 2, 1997

Large Font in Address Book:
"I wish to have an option to view the address book in a large font and to toggle it back to small font. Us "Baby Boomers" do not always have our reading glasses available!!!"
Submitted by
Mitch Nevo @ on December 24, 1997

Secure Categories for Address Book:
"I wish you could secure whole categories in the address list. For example if their was a client sensitive category on the Pilot...or several categories that were private. It would be great to secure them with the key and unlock them. It is such a hassle to import a bunch of names from a database and have to lock each one individually."
Submitted by
Dan Schmidt @ on November 13, 1997

Quick Fill for more Apps:
"I would love it if more applications used the "Quickfill" feature that has been put into the Expense application. If you enter the first few letters of text that you have already entered previously, then it will fill-in the rest for you. This would be particularly useful for the Address book.."
Submitted by
John Badger @ on October 30, 1997

Import utility for the Datebook application:

"The Desktop software from USR allows import for a few of the applications, but not Datebook! I have not found any third-party utilities to do it either... I'm trying to learn GCC but..."
Submitted by Rob @ The Palm Tree

Sorry! I am no longer accepting additional wish submissions. I cannot keep up with all the e-mails and site maintenance. Thank you all for your contributions in the past. -Rob

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