Updated March 09, 2001
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rPremium calculates the unused portion of a 1-year
insurance policy premium & can replace those 'wheel'
charts that just tell you the number of days & a factor
which you must use in your own calculation.

rPremium can also be used as a date calculator.
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'3 Planes' at TuCow's PilotZone !
rPremium Screen Shot

rPremium Details:

How it works. - Select the Inception Date of the policy using the top two pull-downs. Select the Cancel Date of the policy using the bottom two pull-downs.
Enter the policy Premium in the Premium Amount field using Graffiti strokes or the on-screen keyboard. The cents portion of the premium (if any) must be entered in a separate field next to the dollar field.
Press the Calculate button to display the Premium to be returned!
Press the Reset button to start over.

Requirements. - Works on OS v.3.0, OS v.2 and OS v.1, however, can only accept Premium Amounts up to $32,767.99 on OS v.1
Warning: rPremium has not been tested on OS versions higher than 3.0 !
- Please do not send e-mail telling me it does not work on your Palm V, Palm VII, etc.
- There are newer programs available that may obsolete rPremium.

Notes on rPremium:
I doubt there will be much use for this program, but it served as a learning experience for me. I will be releasing a PC based version soon which might be much more useful for insurance people.

POLICY PERIOD: rPremium assumes a 1-year policy period (365 days).

DOLLAR RANGES: rPremium accepts Premium Amounts from $1 to 9,999,999.99 on OS v.2 and $1 to 32,767 on OS v.1

FACTORS: Pro Rata is generally used when the insurer cancels the policy. Short Rate is generally used when the insured cancels the policy. Short Rate is 90% of Pro Rata.

ROUNDING: The Factor is rounded to 3 decimal places before being applied to the Premium just like the 'wheel' charts. The Return Premium is rounded to 2 decimal places (currency) after calculation.

SCREEN REFRESH: The Calculate button must be tapped to update the result fields after any changes have been made to the input fields.

Download rPremium

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