Updated June 17, 2001
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There are a many ways to develop your own applications for the Pilot. There are also many great sites that have information on this topic. The Palm Tree will not try to duplicate or one-up these other sites, but will try to provide links to these sites to help the potential developer find all the great resources available! Here are some of the best starting points to Pilot development...

Starting Points:

Palm OS Platform Development - The official Palm Platform Developers site.

Palm OS Programmers FAQ (formerly Wade's Pilot Programming FAQ) - A very comprehensive FAQ with many links providing a great starting point for learning how to create software for the Pilot - has links to many development resources for the Palm (and other platforms). Resources you can find include compilers, tools, articles, tutorials, etc.

Darrin Massena's Pilot Software Development - Darrin Massena is heavily involved with Pilot development. He maintains a great site and even has programming newsgroups on his own server! Check it out.

C Language:

Andrew Howlett's Pilot Page - GNU Pilot SDK Page - Documentation & tutorials for the GNU Pilot development package mentioned below. Also has sample C programs for the Pilot with source code that can be compiled with GNU.

GNU - Pilot C development package - A complete package including a C compiler, resource compiler, linker, and other tools for Pilot development. Available for free. Get it from Palm.

John Lehett's GNU home page - Info on the GNU Pilot C development package.

Pilot Resource Compiler - PilRC - Wes Cherry's Pilot Resource Compiler home page. PilRC is now maintained by Aaron Ardiri.

comp.lang.c Frequently Asked Questions - Frequently asked questions about C programming from the comp.lang.c newsgroup.

Pilot DAT file format - Format of the PC based .DAT files generated by HotSync.

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