Updated January 23, 2001
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Wish List

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These are some things I wish there were programs for. Hopefully some programmers will step in and fill the void !
Please tell me your wishes for the Pilot and I will post them...

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Wishes that came true:
Listed newest first

Menstruation Calendar:
"The one thing that's missing for my pilot to fully replace my old paper calendar is a menstruation calendar that keeps track of the last twelve or so periods. Currently, I am just using a memopad note, but that's quite inconvenient."
Submitted by
Ulrike Grömping @ March 27, 1999
FemDays from LinkSoft or
FloChart from Thenar Computing

Palm III to Cellular Phone Connection:

"I would really like a way to connect my Pilot III with my Ericsson 888 phone via the IR ports. My friend uses his Ericsson PF788 (w/a small snap-on IR modem) with a Win CE device for SMS, Internet Browsing and Phonebook Management. While there is a GSM snap-on modem, but it is bulky, doesn't securely attach to the Palm III and requires a cable. Is anyone interested in creating a way for the already existent software to use the IR ports instead of via the snap-on modem?"
Submitted by Anonymous on June 14, 1998.
IRLink from

All caps, unless I change it to lower case:
"Ability to reverse the way the system defaults regarding capitalization. I would like to have all caps, unless I change it to lower case."
Submitted by
William Knapp @ on December 20, 1997
Neal Bridges wrote ShiftHack. Check out

Trivia Game:
"I've been looking for a trivia game...I guess sort of like a flashcard program, but with lots of trivia questions. Would be neat if the sets of questions could be downloaded and traded?"
Submitted by
David Lemons @ on July 9, 1998
Check out

IR Port HotSync:
I would really like to be able to hot sync my Palm III with my laptop through the built-in I.R. Ports... (my laptop allows the IR to emulate a com port, but the Pilot doesn't give you the option)."
Submitted by
Tim Krohn @ on October 21, 1998
Check out IrSync at

Automatically Sync time & date with PC:
"Automatically Sync time of day and date with my PC as an option for HotSync. (My PC clock is very accurate since it is running Swatch)."
Submitted by
Tom Holt @ on October 24, 1997
Check out Timepalm at

Import utilities for the many sketch applications:
"I have tried many sketch applications from Dinky Pad, to Teal Paint and they all provide different features, but I have not seen one that provides a utility to Import graphics from the PC!"
Submitted by Rob @ The Palm Tree
Well, TealPaint can now do it! Check out

Universal Remote Emulator for Palm III:
"I want a program that uses the palm III IR port to communicate like a remote control with any electronics device via a pull down menu so I can go to my friend's house and chose a Sony tv and flick channels."
Submitted by
Michael Fram @ on May 5, 1998

"My greatest wish is for a universal remote emulator for my PalmIII. It has that IR port just sitting there begging to be used for more productive things than transferring files... I heard of something like this for the Newton, and ever since getting my PalmIII I've been wandering the 'net searching for one."
Submitted by
Eric Joslin @ on April 29, 1998
It requires additional hardware, since the PalmIII IR Port is not compatible, but Tech Center Labs has a product available at:

ICQ for the Pilot!:
"You know everyone's favorite Chat console program, Mirabilis' ICQ? How about a stripped-down version that's for the Palm Pilot?! Hope this'll get Mirabilis' attention! You can put this one on your wish list with my name along with the others I've put in (maybe this one'll have better luck than my others) "
Submitted by
Hal/Zippo @ on May 8, 1998
ICQ for the PalmPilot by Mirabilis is available at:

Monopoly Game:
"I wish there was a monopoly game for the Pilot like Zonopoly for the Zaurus."
Submitted by
Thomas Kriel @ on November 30, 1997
Go To Jail by Neil Pollard is available at:

Euchre game:
"I'd also like to see the Euchre card game for the Pilot - I need the practice..."
Submitted by
Jonathan Valentine-Cooper @ on February 17, 1998. Came true on February 24, 1998.
Euchre by James Lee is available at:

Alarms for ToDo items:
"I want to be able to set alarms for To Do items."
Submitted by
Quest Akita @ on October 24, 1997. Came true on November 29, 1997.
ToDo Plus from PilotPlus can do it!
Get it at:

Game of Mah-Jongg:
"I wish for a Mah-Jongg game for the pilot..."
Submitted by
Joshua Peleg @ on November 1, 1997. Came true on November 29, 1997.
Awesome! Another cool app for the Pilot! Anyone ask Tan Kok Mun if he got the idea from here?
Get it at:

Graphical Web Browsers:

There are some Web browsers already written for the Pilot, but none display graphics... If it is possible, let's go for it!
Submitted by Rob @ The Palm Tree
Hey, there is one... Check out the "News Headlines" section for info. Maybe the folks at Berkeley saw this and that's why they wrote TG Wingman? Na...

Hearts card game:

This is my favorite card game. So far, I have not been able to find the game of Hearts for the Pilot! If my development skills were up to it, I would write this myself. :)
Submitted by Rob @ The Palm Tree
Cool, my second wish came true also! Thanks to Dave Mayes, the game of Hearts is now available for the Pilot... Free!
Check out the "Favorite Add-On" section for info.

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