Updated November 16, 2002
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The Palm Tree is a web site dedicated to the PalmPilot & Palm connected organizers from 3Com / Palm Computing. The Palm Tree is a 'one-stop' location for software, news, recommendations, and many other information resources... Enjoy!
Dear Friends -

I know this website has not been updated in a very long time. And I know that most of my software does not work properly with Palm OS higher than 3.0. I would like to update my applications but I just don't find the time anymore. Now that I have a house and a family I just don't spend enough time programming shareware. Unfortunately, I cannot just tweak my programs a little to make them work. Palm OS has changed quite a bit and my applications would have to be re-written from scratch to make them work on the newer devices.

As the popularity of the website increased, it became harder and harder to keep up with answering e-mail and keeping the content current. I felt like I was not able to give my visitors and supporters the respect they deserve. I am unhappy about this situation and have even considered taking down the website altogether. But I would rather keep it available in hopes that some people can still benefit from it.

My applications will continue to be available on this site, however, there are probably better applications out there now that make mine obsolete.

Thank you all for the years of support and correspondance. I really enjoyed creating the website, developing the applications and contributing to the Palm community.

If you feel like buying me a drink please feel free to do so using the button below!

- Regards, Rob

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