Updated November 16, 2000
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Here are some links to useful Pilot FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)...


Ben's Palm RapidFAQ - Answers to burning questions on 3Com/Palm handhelds.

Palm / 3Com FAQ's:

File Link Feature - Info about using the desktop software file link feature.

Macintosh PalmPilot FAQ - Info about using the Palm Pilot with a Macintosh computer.

Network HotSync FAQ - Info about the Network HotSync product from USR that lets you synchronize your Pilot over a network or by dialing into a Remote Access Server (RAS) on a network.

Palm III - Info about the Palm III organizer.

Palm MacPac Version 2 - Info about using the Palm Pilot with a Macintosh computer.

Palm Mail FAQ - Info about using desktop software with various e-mail packages.

PalmPilot Modem FAQ - Info about the fax/modem from USR that attaches right to the bottom of the Pilot allowing you to synchronize over phone lines or use add-on internet and fax software.

Development FAQ's:

Palm Developer Knowledge Base - A good starting point for Palm OS development right from the source.

Wade's Pilot Programming FAQ - A very comprehensive FAQ with many links providing the best starting point for learning how to create software for the Pilot.

For a ton of other FAQ's, visit Calvin's FAQ at PalmGear H.Q.

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