Updated January 23, 2001
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Wish List

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These are some things I wish there were programs for. Hopefully some programmers will step in and fill the void !
Please tell me your wishes for the Pilot and I will post them...

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Hardware Wishes:
Listed newest first

Meade ETX computerized telescope connection:

"I wish that there was a way to use my Pilot as a control panel for my Meade ETX computerized scope. It would need to be able to be used to log an astronomical viewing session also. Maybe even have a star charting program like Star Pilot or Star Chart be synced to the telescope. That way you could pick an object to view on the pilot and the scope would go to it."
Submitted by
Ron Rice @ on May 26, 1999.

Nokia 6120 Synchronization:

"I use the Nokia 6120 with the 199 name rolodex. Let's synch the phone and the Pilot."
Submitted by
Terry Hebert @ on January 3, 1999.

USB Port Cradle:

"I wish the palm would move from serial to usb connection that also charges or powers the unit in its cradle."
Submitted by
Rodger Young @ on October 22, 1998.

Nokia 6110:

"I would like to be able to use my Nokia 6110 GSM-phone as a modem for my Palm III using the IR-port."
Submitted by
Mats Ekholm @ on June 30, 1998.

PPP without RAS:

"I would like be able to access my LAN directly from the Palm Pilot without having to use a RAS-service on the PC (as the case with DirectLink)."
Submitted by
Mats Ekholm @ on June 30, 1998.

GPS Unit:

"I would love a GPS unit that attaches like a modem or a navigator, especially if it could synchronize with maps. The Tripmate GPS is too inconvenient for use with a pilot."
Submitted by
Phil Ackley @ on June 16, 1998.

Sorry! I am no longer accepting additional wish submissions. I cannot keep up with all the e-mails and site maintenance. Thank you all for your contributions in the past. -Rob

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