Updated November 16, 2000
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There are certain things I think every Palm user should know about. I have found many great add-ons that I feel are the best of their category. Here are the links to my favorite add-on hardware and software...

Companion Applications:

WeeklyView - Read a weekly schedule at a glance. Displays Datebook entries in a fully readable view of 1 or 2 weeks at a time instead of the shaded graph built into Datebook. Use in addition to Datebook for the best of both worlds. Shareware - $15


ThinkDB - Best database application. ThinkDB is a relational database manager that allows you to create and edit databases. Powerful, flexible and very easy to use, ThinkDB has several unique features, such as custom views with resizable columns and a form designer that lets you design your own record entry forms. The registered version includes ThinkDB Desktop for Windows that lets you view and change data on your PC; it will also convert CSV files and Access databases into ThinkDB databases. Shareware - $25


Free Cell - Great game for the Palm. Just like Windows game Free Cell. This version is very much like the original and very fun. Shareware $12

Hangman - Great game for the Palm. If you like word games, this is a great pastime. If you register you get 1000 more puzzles! Shareware - $12

Hearts - Great game for the Palm. This is the classic card game of Hearts. You compete against three Palm players. Thanks to Dave Mayes for writing it! Freeware - $0.

Rally 1000 - Great game for the Palm. Remember that French card game Mille Bornes? This is a very fun and addicting 'road racing' card game! This is definitely one of my all-time favorites!!! Thanks again to Dave Mayes for another Freebie! Freeware - $0.

Internet Tools:

ProxiWeb - Best Web browser for the Pilot! ProxiNet has taken over Top Gun Wingman & is now part of Pumatech. ProxiWeb is a graphical web browser for the Palm platform. I have not checked it out in a while, but it did look promising last time I tried it. It is free, for now, but who knows how long that will last... Freeware - $0.

Top Gun Postman - Send & receive internet e-mail on the Pilot by dialing directly to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). It is even free thanks to a couple of nice guys at Berkeley. Freeware - $0.

Palmscape - Runner Up for best web browser. Surf the web with your Palm! Palmscape supports frames, tables, authentication, binary file download, HTML/3.2 Support, and images! Freeware - $0.

Outliner / Organizer:

ThoughtManager - Great outliner application to organize your information. ThoughtMill allows you to orgainize information in outline form. It features expanding & collapsing arrows, drag & drop organization, and check boxes. The standard Palm is missing an outliner feature, and ThoughtManager really fills in that gap quite well! Shareware - $19.95.

PC Applications:

Palm OS Emulator - Copilot Officially Supported by Palm Computing. Palm Computing has taken over the development of CoPilot and renamed it Palm OS Emulator. Also, special Debug ROM's are now available from Palm. See CoPilot below for more info. Freeware - $0.

CoPilot - A Pilot emulator for the PC. Have a full, working Pilot on your monitor! Originally intended as development tool to test out code without having to transfer it to the Pilot first. Even if you aren't a developer it is great to test out new software you download before having to Sync it to your Pilot! A fantastic emulator. My compliments to Greg Hewgill. Freeware - $0.


Mobile Accout Manager - Great application to store passwords, pin #'s, etc. Secure access to all your account information including passwords and pin numbers for your credit cards, login accounts, personal ID's, etc on your Palm. It uses a strong encryption algorithm and a single password that can be entered with graffiti or an on-screen keyboard. It can automatically lock the data when turning the Palm off, leaving the application, or after a user-defined time delay. Now you can access the account information on your PC using Account Manager - PC. Shareware - $24.95.

Sketch / Graphics:

Teal Paint - Best sketch pad/drawing application. Has most needed drawing tools like Line, Circle, Box, Pen, Eraser, Fill, even Text! Also has much needed tools like Select, Copy, Paste, and Undo! Has different ink patterns and line widths. Index view shows small thumbnails of each of your drawings and a text description. Great app to store small maps or diagrams. Shareware - $17.95

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