Updated November 16, 2000
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Thanks for trying rPremium 1.0 !!!
If there is enough interest in this program, I will release future versions that are much more useful based on user suggestions...

Disclaimers and Legal Stuff:

rPremium 1.0 is provided AS-IS; there is NO WARRANTY, express or implied. The user assumes full responsibility and liability for any use of this program. All Rights Reserved by Robert Sappelli, except as noted below.

Permission to distribute this package complete and unmodified for personal use via the internet for no charge (other than reasonable connection charges) is granted to the public. Distribution for commercial purposes via any other medium, including but not limited to CD-ROM, floppy, or printed material, in whole or in part, requires express permission from the author (

Modified versions may be distributed with this notice intact, provided that said versions are clearly marked as modified. The above provisions also apply to any such modified packages.

rPremium 1.0 Download Files: (7k) - The rPremium.prc & the rPremium.txt in an archive file.

rPremium.txt (4k) - The .txt by itself.

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