Updated July 25, 2001
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DateList provides an easy way to see and manipulate all your Datebook entries. This is especially useful when you want to clean-out your Datebook.
Neither the PalmPilot nor it's desktop software lets you view the entries in your Datebook (in a list format), so you must go through, day-by-day, to find old entries.
DateList saves you from this tedium by compiling a list of all entries so you can quickly choose to keep, delete, or delete and archive them.
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DateList 2.2 Details:

Works on OS v1, OS v2 and OS v3
7K of free memory on the Pilot is required to install DateList 2.2.

Notes on DateList:
DateList is vital for 'cleaning-out' your Datebook. The Pilot and the desktop software do not let you view the entries in your Datebook in a list format. You have to 'step' through day-by-day to find old, forgotten entries. The solution: DateList... DateList displays all the entries in your Datebook in a convenient list. From the list you can delete entries or go to that entry in the Datebook.

Keep in mind that deleting a repeating entry will delete the 'master' record and therefore delete all occurences of the entry!

Deleted entries move to the end of the list until a HotSync is performed. Entries deleted with the Date Book app do this as well.

Only with the registered version of DateList can you archive, delete, or goto entries.

Registering DateList:

Buy It at PGHQ
Fax: 817.640.6614
Registering DateList can be done at PalmGear H.Q. electronically, by phone, or by fax.

Registration allows you to delete entries with DateList and supports further development of this and other useful programs.
Registration also entitles you to all future releases of DateList for free!

Version History:

2.2 - 08/05/99 Fixed the the 'long' DateBook entry problem re-introduced in version 2.1
Added program preferences that will save the selected 'mode' from the last time the program was run.
2.1 - 06/02/99 Fixed the field overlock which occurred when editing a Date Book entry after using the Go feature.
Fixed the displaying of Private records when Pilot was set to 'Hide Private Records'.
Added small icon for List view of Palm OS 3.x Launcher and Launcher III.
2.0 - 12/02/98 New features added from user suggestions:
Sorts the list in data order.
Tapping an entry can also jump to that entry in the Date Book app.
1.2 - 09/25/98 Fixed a problem handling 'long' Datebook entries more than 85 characters.
Fixed a problem handling 'blank' Datebook entries which have a Note attached but no description.

Removed all Boolean type variables in program.
1.1 - 09/13/98 Fixed a problem that crashed some Pilots.
1.0 - 09/07/98 Initial Shareware release.
1.0b - 08/02/98 Beta release.

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